Employee Benefits

Sustainable Retirement Planning

The KOBAN SÜDVERS GROUP advises in the field of occupational pension schemes and supports the optimization of claims by management. First, we analyze already existing pension plans and develop necessary proposals for external funding and resolution of costly obligations. Furthermore, we identify existing pension obligations to employees and advise you on their solid financing. Employers and executives

A cover proposal document provided by us for business owners and managers, in which we include a comparison with existing insurance policies, helps ascertain cover requirements for old-age , disability and widow care for contracts of business owners and executives. Our range of services in the field of occupational and private pension includes:

  • Coverage for the owner, the management and senior staff
  • Social security evaluation for managers and shareholders
  • Risk Coverage (Keyman): term life, disability, Dread Disease
  • Expats
  • Independent analysis and evaluation of existing pension schemes
  • Health insurance
  • Private life and pension insurance
  • Reinvestment of maturing pension liability and private insurance
  • Outsourcing of pension obligations

Pension for employees, managers and employers

The team of BAV Koban & amp; Partner GmbH , with its long experience in the field of occupational pensions in addition to the highest quality and punctuality in Evaluation of existing contracts in compliance with pension regulations (pension contract,…) and the cost optimization of existing employee benefit plans and (if necessary) reimplementation of models, commission free,as well as calculations of:

  •  vested benefits in case of early retirement
  •  Pension severance

and the preparation of :

  •  Projection of provision developments
  •  Sensitivity analyzes
  • Preparation of actuarial reports by national (EStG / UGB) and international guidlines (IFRS, US-GAAP) for:
  •  Severence commitments
  •  anniversary bonuses
  •  company pensions

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